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No Hydrants = 4 Alarms

Three Buildings Destroyed

AN EARLY MORNING FIRE IN VACAVILLE, California, Monday caused significant property damage primarily because of the lack of an initial water supply.


The Solano County Fire Department responded to a reported house fire around 5:03 am and arrived to find instead three outbuildings well involved, a shop, a garage, and a "granny unit."  The nearest hydrant was more than a half-mile away, so a tanker shuttle had to be set up.

The fire was knocked down in about an hour and was out by 7 am.  Two people living in the granny unit escaped unharmed.  Besides the three buildings, several cars and a boat were also destroyed.  The FD contained the fire and prevented it from reaching the main house where four people live, but they were evacuated as a precaution.

KTXL-TV prepared a video report HERE.

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