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Seven On Admin. Leave As Arrest Count Rises

AS OF TUESDAY MORNING THE ARREST count has risen to four of the seven Shreveport, Louisiana, firefighters that have been placed on administrative leave.  All of the seven are assigned to Station 8 and have been implicated in a prostitution procurement scandal of a particularly ugly premise.

KTBS-TV is reporting that late Monday afternoon Jason Vaughan, 34, voluntarily surrendered to police who are investigating the growing scandal that expects to have still more arrests ahead.  Vaughan is the truck engineer at the station.

So far the highest ranking firefighter to be arrested is Captain Derrick Harris, 50.  Two other firefighters, Clint Richardson, 26, and Billy Glass, 37, have been arrested also and all four have been charged with "cruelty to the infirm and principal to prostitution."

Captain Derrick Harris

The charges stem from an in-station activity that may have occurred more than once where the participants hired a prostitute and brought her into the firehouse where they enticed a mentally retarded man to have sex with her while they all watched the "performance."

KTBS-TV Ch. 3 has the details in this video report: – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports

The investigation has uncovered that these escapades have going on for many months, perhaps years, and involved at least two mentally handicapped people.  The video above includes some disturbing photos of one of the many tricks pulled on the victims.

Additional charges are pending and more participants will probably be charged.

Firegeezer will be updating this story as more information comes forth.

Hat tip:  C. M.

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  • mr618

    Sweet Jesus, don’t these guys have anything better to do? Come on, getting caught embezzling or running a prostitution ring out of the station or diverting drugs from the box or having sex with underage Explorers, now this?!?
    What happened to “public servants” setting an example? When I was a cop, we were told we would be held to a *higher* standard, because of the trust placed in us by the public.

    Christ Almighty, these days, GANGBANGERS seem to be better behaved than our alleged “civil” servants.

    WTF, guys? Are your departments so over-staffed and under-worked that you have to think up crap like this to keep yourselves occupied?

    And we wonder why the politicians and especially the public no longer support us.