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Mayor Dumberg Loses Another One

And the Fire Officers Win

NEW YORK CITY MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG has just had another one of his looney, illegal edicts overturned by the court.  This one involved a suit filed against him by the FDNY fire officers union local concerning a blatant violation of their work contract.

One clause in the contract says that the 2,500 captains and lieutenants will not be required to work on emergency front-line fire vehicles that are more than ten years old.  However, the city has been ignoring that safety clause and slipped in its replacement program leaving approx. 13 firetrucks currently in service (of the 350+ front-line units).

Alexander Hagan

The Uniformed Fire Officers Assoc. president Alexander Hagen first filed a complaint last year and the arbitrator ruled that the older trucks could be used for fires only, but not be used for any other "emergencies" or non-emergency uses such as building inspections.  But the city continued its practice of using the old trucks and in February of this year the Local filed suit against the practice and the case was heard by Manhattan judge Kathryn Freed who recently released her decision.  Saying that "responding to any emergency with faulty equipment is decidedly a more dangerous proposition," she ordered that all use of the overage trucks cease, both emergency and non-emergency.

Local president Hagen will be meeting with the fire chief next week to work out a compromise solution to resolve the situation.  All sides agree that there will be occasions where older trucks will be used, such as reserve replacements.

The New York Post has the STORY.

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