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More Openings in Shreveport

Another Captain Goes Down

SHREVEPORT (Louisiana) FIREFIGHTER # 5 has been arrested and charged in the handicapped-baiting scandal that struck the department recently.  The second captain caught up in the sweep, Randy Chandler, 51, turned himself in to the police Wednesday evening and he was charged with the same count as the previous arrests, cruelty to the infirm.  He was not booked on the principal to prostitution charge as the others were, however.

Recently Chandler has been working out of Station 16.

Capt. Chandler

If you missed the original Firegeezer video report on this disturbing scandal, CLICK HERE to get caught up on the continuing story.  KSLA-TV summarizes:

The charges stem from allegations that the accused firefighters subjected two disabled adults who were regulars at Fire Station 8 to cruel pranks that included stranding them on the roof of the fire station and forcing them to drink human urine.

The firefighters are also accused of chipping in to pay for a prostitute for one of the men, described as a severely mentally challenged 58-year-old man with "the mind of an 8 or 9-year-old child." According to the documents, the man was ordered to have sex with the prostitute in the restroom at Fire Station 8 while Captain Derrick Harris and four others looked on.

So far seven firefighters, all from Station 8, are on admnistrative leave and police say more arrests are imminent.

KTBS-TV has this recent video report: – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports

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Shreveport Fire Chief Craig Mulford is not implicated in the crime, but he is being accused by some as hindering the investigation and has hired a lawyer to represent his interests in the affair.

In a separate article, a KSLA reporter wrote:  "…we were able to uncover details in the arrest warrants for firefighters Harris and Richardson. In those documents, the investigator claims that Chief Mulford dismissed the initial accusations as rumor, and even ordered an FBI special agent who was investigating reports of abuse, off of city property."

Not good days for Chief Mulford  (KSLA photo)

Meanwhile in an unrelated case to the hazing incident, Shreveport firefighter Michael Scott Keener, 26, has been arrested and charged with stealing narcotics from FD equipment.  No details released yet, but …..  Keener was assigned to Station 17.

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  • mr618

    Gee, thanks, guys. With all the grief FFs have been getting recently – the West, TX, guys with alcohol and marijuana in their systems, the chiefs and treasurers looting their departments, medics stealing drugs, flipping off photographers, kicking handcuffed women, driving 90+ mph daily for months in a take-home — did you REALLY think this was a good idea?
    What happened to being a role model?