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Saturday CarToon: Typical Friday Night on Woodward Avenue

Summer on Woodward Avenue in Detroit

Published on Aug 17, 2013 by Winding Road Magazine

In light of the Woodward Dream Cruise this week, we bring you some footage from earlier this summer to show what the action is like on an average Friday night. You can expect footage from this weekend soon!

Don't forget your headphones! The audio in this video was recorded with binaural microphones that, when played back through headphones, give the feel of 3D sound. Trick stuff.

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From a book review by Ronnie Schreiber (August 17, 2011) from Left Lane News

At least a million people line miles of the famous boulevard to watch over 40,000 special interest vehicles, either in the cruising lanes or parked at formal and informal car shows along the Cruise's path. If you're planning on attending, or just have an interest in great muscle cars and the role of the automobile in American culture, it would be worth you while to read Robert Genet's book, Woodward Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip, dedicated to cruising Woodward, past and present.

Amply illustrated with rare historical photos from the 1950s and 1960s when cruising in a fast car on Woodward was the thing for young Detroiters to do, as well as contemporary photographs taken by the author, the book does a fine job explaining how Woodward and cruising on it became legend among car guys around America and around the world. So legendary, in fact, that people bring their cars from as far away as California and Puerto Rico to participate in the Dream Cruise. It's a shorter drive, but many Canadian car fans also attend or participate in the Cruise.

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The Woodward Dream Cruise on FaceBook will feature live streaming of today's event.

Mike "FossilMedic" Ward

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