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Morning Lineup – August 18

Sunday Morning – Oh, For Goodness Snakes!

You'll recall that we had some snakes in the news recently.  It was just four months ago when we reported on a McMansion fire in Brighton, Colorado, where the firefighters were greeted with the information that there were 8,000 snakes in the basement (the owners were professional breeders supplying pet stores).  If you missed that one, check out our video REPORT HERE.

Then earlier this month there was an unfortunate event up in Campbellton, New Brunswick, where a 15-ft.-long python got loose in a pet shop and slithered upstairs to the owner's apartment where it proceded to crush and smother two young boys ages 5 and 7.  (See Firegeezer report HERE.)

First we have an update for you regarding the tragedy in Campbellton.  The initial autopsy on the lads showed that they were suffocated.  The pet shop, whose owner claims he used to have a zoo license (a claim disputed by the government agency that records such things), was possessing the African rock python illegally since they were banned from New Bruswick in 2009.

There are more questions being raised by the police as their investigation continues and if you're interested in more details, read THIS ARTICLE posted by CBC News.

It's looking like Canada is becoming the current hot-spot for snake problems for the month of August.  Or else the news hounds are focusing on reptilian news more closely until hockey season starts, because we have a fresh report from Brantford, Ontario, this time involving more than one python.  CNN reported yesterday:

Police say 40 ball pythons were confiscated from a single motel room on Thursday in Brantford, Ontario, about 65 miles southwest of Toronto. The room was occupied at the time by four people — two of them children.

The pythons ranged in size from 1 foot to 4½ feet, and they were stored in several plastic storage bins.

Canadian Press

"It appeared as though they were being kept for breeding purposes" Sgt. Venn told CNN. "(They) were not being suitably cared for and were in distress."

They were seized from the Bell City Motel by the county's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, according to executive director Robin Kuchma.

Venn says the couple and two children checked in a few days ago, after being evicted from their prior residence. He did not know whether the snakes played a role in their eviction. He said the Bell City Motel has a "no pets" policy.

The No Tell Motel has somewhat looser standards about snakes, but we won't get into that now.  CBC News has more on this story HERE.

It's time to get this equipment checked out while cook gets the big, Sunday breakfast put together for us.  I'll make sure the Bunn-O-Matic is well stocked before we meet back in the day room.

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