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Entire FD Walks Out

FFs Join Their Chief's Resignation

THE MASSACHUSETTS TOWN OF BLANDFORD has been experiencing some turmoil within their volunteer fire department lately.  According to some insiders, a newly-elected town selectman seems to want to take control over the FD and supercede the fire chief in matters of policy and operation.  Two of the selectmen are pressing to usurp state law and transfer responsibility for appointing firefighters from the chief to the Board of Selectmen.

After butting heads for almost five months, the fire chief Robert DeCouteau resigned following a meeting with the town council Tuesday night.  The remaining seven members of the tiny VFD also quit that night in support of their chief.  Wednesday morning arrived with the fire station closed and radios turned off.  Relying solely on mutual aid coverage, the response time for the town's fire and medical calls has escalated from 4 minutes to 20 minutes.

WGGB-TV filed this video report on the situation:


The Republican has a good, detailed report on what has been going on HERE.

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