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Morning Lineup – August 24

Saturday Morning – Raising the Steam

One of our regular readers sent along a link to an interesting web page and I wish I could recall who it was.  I have been so busy with other things lately that I have dropped way behind in maintaining my email correspondence, so I will issue a blanket apology to all of you with an assurance that I'm not really ignoring you.  But hopefully I'll be getting back on track over the next few days.

Getting back to that web page that I started out with, the California State Firefighters Association's website is hosting it and it's a review and description of a retired fire captain from Orange County, California, Dave Hubert and his wife Barbara who found a 1902 steam pumper rusting away in a barn.  They purchased it and fully restored it, leaving a wonderful legacy of their pride and association with the fire service.

Dave's Steamer Is a Crowd Favorite
At West Coast Parades.

The website begins:

This elegant piece of firefighting history was manufactured in 1902 in Cincinnati, Ohio by the American Fire Engine Company. It was built for the City of Reno and became Reno Fire Department's Engine #1, serving the community there for 20 years. It then went into service for the Southern Pacific Railroad, and for a short time it rode the firefighting trains that protected the snow sheds along the California Sierra Nevada. Then for sixty years, the steamer went missing, until Dave and Barbara Hubert found it rusting away in a barn in Fallbrook, California. The Hubert's fell in love with it, and wanted to restore it, and to Dave's surprise, Barbara gave it to him for their 25th wedding anniversary.

The story follows with brief descriptions of how they restored the beauty, including contracting with an Amish wagon-maker to build new wheels.

It's a nice Saturday read that complements FossilMedic's Saturday Car-Toon.  Read the entire article HERE and view the photo gallery before the Saturday shoppers start getting in trouble and call us out.

We'd better get our own pumpers and such checked out, too.  I'll bet the old-time firefighters will recognize our coffee when it's ready….good things never need to be changed.  See you back in the day room.

When you get a chance, check out the Huberts' video:


The Steamer – An American Icon from HubiePictures on Vimeo.

You just can't help but admire the wonderful craftsmanship that went into this restoration.

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