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Car Ka-Boom Close Call For Octogenarian

Crash Caused By Druggie

AN 80-YR.-OLD COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, man barely escaped with his life Wednesday afternoon following a car crash and explosion caused by a serial drug abuser who was high again.


Ellis Rainsberger was stopped at a red traffic light at 3:30 pm when Joshua Morgan, 23, plowed into the rear end of Rainsbergers car at speed, triggering a fire that led to a series of explosions.  Rainsberger, who suffered a spinal fracture from the impact, told KOAA-TV in an interview:

"I didn't see him coming, I didn't hear him, he didn't slam on the brakes, there was nothing, it was just kaboom," Rainsberger described. The impact sent his car flying across the intersection and sparked flames.

"Then some people come running over and I had this tremendous pain in my back and a headache," he explained. "I was trying to get out of there and I didn't get out of there by myself."

Two bystanders rushed to Rainsberger's car and helped pull him out as the fire engulfed the vehicle. In the trunk of the car were oxygen tanks for his wife.

"No more than they took me out, then it exploded in fire and then after that there were two more big explosions," he described. "Kept exploding two and three and four times."

The oxygen tanks in the trunk erupted in a series of explosions as the flames hit them. Nobody was injured as a result of the explosions, but two police cruisers and a fire truck were damaged.

Later investigation revealed that Morgan has a lengthy criminal record at his young age that includes multiple drug charges and instances of driving on a suspended license.  In fact, he had been in court earlier that morning on another charge of driving while suspended. 

(Firegeezer is curious as to why Colorado judges keep sending this guy out on the street to do stuff like this.)

KRDO-TV Ch. 13 filed this video report that includes a bystander video of the first explosion:


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