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Daytime House Fire Adds Complications For Firefighters in Pennsylvania

Same Checklist As A Training Scenario

ADAMS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, FIREFIGHTERS kept running into the "expect fire" reminders as they fought a mobile home fire just west of Gettysburg on Monday afternoon.

Chris Eiker / 911 Photography

The call was dispatched at 3:32 pm Eastern and the first-in units from Gettysburg FD reported fire showing.  They were assisted by four nearby VFDs.  What they found on arrival was more than just a major fire advancing from the porch into the home, however.

Chris Eiker / 911 Photography

During the brief 15 minutes that it took to knock the fire down, they discovered:

  • Two elderly occupants, both on medical oxygen, were asleep inside and did not know that their house was on fire.
  • A gasoline can was stored on the porch that was on fire.
  • Extra oxygen bottles were also on the porch.
  • A door closed on the interior hose line just as a sudden and severe increase in heat arose inside leading to a hasty retreat by the hose crew who could no longer maneuver.

The occupants were displaced and the home extensively damaged.


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(all photos by Chris Eiker)

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