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Fire Tanker Rolls in Kentucky

Overcorrection Leads To Destruction

A CLAY CITY (Kentucky) FIRE DEPARTMENT TANKER was destroyed when it rolled while responding to a fire call Sunday night around 9 pm.


The Powell County unit was on a mutual aid call and traveling on a narrow, 2-lane road when, by early accounts, the truck that was carrying three firefighters drifted off the pavement.  The driver apparently overcorrected while attempting to recover and sent the tanker across the roadway into the ditch on the opposited side where it rolled over.

The firefighters somehow survived the crushing of their cab and were able to self-extricate before assistance arrived.  All three were flown to a hospital where they were kept overnight for observation and are expected to be released today.

WTVQ-TV Lexington filed this video report:


WKYT-TV has additional video HERE.

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  • DaGonz

    I don’t know why roll bars are not required in the cabs of commercial vehicles being used as fire apparatus, especially tankers, which are prone to rolling over anyway.

    • firegeezer

      Very good point, Gonz.  There’s nothing stopping FD’s from spec-ing roll bars now when they order one (or having a local racecar shop add one if they are buying an old milk tanker).  First they have to admit that it CAN happen to them.