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Morning Lineup – September 18

Wednesday Morning – Surrounded By Sound

Part of the FG HQ relocation process this summer involved the tedious restringing of yards and yards of speaker wires and connector cables for my TV-DVD-CD etc. sound system.  It isn't anything extravagant, for I'm not an audiophile by any means, but I like having all those things playing out of the same tuner and speaker set.  Quite a number of years ago I upgraded to the 5.1 Dolby Surround system, though.  And I'll never forget having to spend an entire afternoon going through the setup and balancing adjustments speaker-by-speaker and related button pressing.

Anyway, after I got all my wires tediously reconnected last month (I had put that part off as long as possible) I had my "full, rich, stereo surround" sound once again along with a cabling system of wires sprouting out the back of my tuner that would give anybody heartburn.  Next came the decision of whether to just tape them up or visit the local Radio Shack to get a packet of "cable organizers" for that clean, professional look that we all desire.

That's when my personal lifestyle consultant G. asked me, "Why don't you get a sound bar?"  And I responded, "What's a sound bar?"  Since I'm one of the last people in the civilized world to not know what a sound bar is, I'll skip the education portion of this story because I have no doubt that all of you are well versed in what these long, low speaker cabinets are.  Even my step-daughter, who is a very casual televiewer, knew what they are when I asked her the other day if she'd heard of them.  "Oh, yes.  I just ordered one along with my new 50" tv that will be delivered on Friday!"  I really felt techno-deficient after that.

Fast-forward now to my acquisition of my own sound bar and wireless speaker package.  What really cinched the sale with me was when I learned that the clunky tuner is no longer a necessity.  People just don't listen to the radio through their hi-fi system anymore.  That surprised me, but I since learned that modern chip design has advanced to the point where you get a very strong, powerful volume capability packed into this little box that sits in front of the tv receiver.  And probably the most amazing thing – to me, anyway – was that it took just 30 minutes to connect everything and have the full 5.1 system operating smoothly and just like it's supposed to.  I didn't even have to set out a box lunch to sustain me while I went through that speaker-balance stuff again.  It was a dream to set up, and my evenings can be filled once again with Monty Python reruns while I'm waiting for hockey season to begin in three weeks.  Next time you see me, let me tell you about my sound bar.  Life is wonderful.

Now let's get our wonderful equipment check started while I get the surround-coffee going before we meet back in the day room.   See you there in a little while.

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