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Saturday CarToon: 1959 Fiat Bianchina Trasformabile

Celebrating the end of summer

Published on Sep 17, 2013

Before the summer is completely over, we'd like to take you for a short ride along the Adriatic coast in the town of Rimini, Italy, where Federico Fellini was born. His unpredictable approach to life is something that lives on in the people of Rimini. Annalisa and her car are examples of this. She could have chosen to drive any of the more popular, high-performance cars among the ones that her father had in his collection, but she chose the Bianchina, because is the one that brings smiles to peoples' faces.

Brandon Turkus (2013 September 20) Bianchina is the Italian car you never knew you always wanted

In the 1950s and 1960s, America was filled with big, V8-powered land yachts, with brutal straight-line speed and questionable handling. Europe, on the other hand, was filled with interesting, characterful superminis like this Autobianchi Bianchina. (Ok, so we're generalizing a little… roll with it.) Based on the Fiat 500 and originally unveiled in 1957, the Bianchina was available in a variety of bodystyles, ranging from sedan, to cabriolet, to van.

This particular example, being profiled by Petrolicious, is 1959 Trasformabile and is owned by Annalisa Maniscalco. The adorable convertible has all of 18 horsepower – it's the second most potent Bianchina model ever made – courtesy of a 479cc, rear-mounted Fiat engine. According to Maniscalco, it can only go about 50 kilometers per hour (31 miles per hour), but when it's this cool (suicide doors!), who cares?

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