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Ambulance Crash Caught on Video

No Serious Injuries

A HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA, AMBULANCE was responding on an emergency call Tuesday afternoon when it collided with a car at a controlled intersection.


The impact, that was caught on a surveillance camera, drove both vehicles several dozen feet until the ambulance rolled over onto the top of the car.  WSAZ-TV provided the crash clip in their video report:


The ambulance crew was able to self-extricate and they immediately began to evaluate and treat the woman who was driving the car.

All three of them were transported but all were released later after treatment for minor injuries.  A second ambulance was dispatched to the original call and another unit sent to the accident scene.

Initially the police are saying that the ambulance had the green light and the right-of-way, but they are still investigating.

Just two months ago another Cabell County ambulance was stolen by a nude man at a hospital and was heavily damaged when he wrecked it.  (Read that Firegeezer report HERE.)  This ambulance that was involved Tuesday is the unit that was purchased to replace the previously wrecked ambulance.

The Huntington Herald-Dispatch has the STORY HERE.

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