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Deepening Troubles For Rural/Metro

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Cash Shortage Creating More Problems

FINANCIALLY-TROUBLED RURAL/METRO Ambulance is now getting additional scrutiny from the Arizona Department of Health Services.  Rural/Metro is the state's largest ambulance provider, especially in and around the Phoenix area.  They have recently been forced into bankruptcy procedings largely due to a heavy debt load and diminished income.  (See the Firegeezer report on the filing HERE.)

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KTVK-TV reported recently:

First bankruptcy, now an investigation into the response times of the state’s largest ambulance provider, Rural/Metro.

"The department is very concerned," said Terry Mullins of the Arizona Department of Health Services. In a recent letter sent to Rural/Metro, he noted self-reported response times failed to meet response time requirements in five of its service areas.

The numbers fell short by anywhere from several percentage points to nearly 13 percent for one service area in Maricopa County. The regions currently under scrutiny include parts of the Phoenix metro area, southern and central Maricopa County, Payson, Yuma and part of Pima County.

The Department of Health Services has indicated concern that the company's financial health may prevent it from meeting its obligations.

"We're trying to be hyper vigilant during this process when they're going through the bankruptcy proceedings that we ensure they continue to meet their response times and meet their obligations to the public," Mullins said.

Ch. 3 has also posted this video report:


Rural/Metro Southwest Zone WEBSITE.

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