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Morning Lineup – October 1


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Tuesday Morning – Whattum I Bid?

We've been following the lead-in to this past weekend's unique auto auction that was held in Pierce, Nebraska.  That was the situation where the small-town Chevrolet dealer who had 17 years ago had over 500 cars still on hand.  He had never sold off a trade-in, so there were scads of 40-,50-, 60-yr.-old cars still sitting around plus some unsold new cars, including Corvettes and pickup trucks, that had less than 10 miles on their odometers.

lambrecht aa reutersTire-kickers check out a 1950 Studebaker  (Reuters)

The owner had kept them for his "retirement fund" and this weekend he cashed in.  See our previous Firegeezer articles HERE and HERE for some background on this strange event.  More than 10 thousand people descended on the tiny farm town of 1,800 pop. over the weekend, with about half of them registered to bid on the treasure trove sitting in what was described as a car collector's "field of dreams."

lambrecht bb reutersReuters

Reportedly the highest-priced sale was for a 1958 Chevy Camero pickup truck with 1.3 miles on it that was hammered down for $140,000.  That 1978 Corvette Indy Pace Car model that we mentioned in an earlier posting that still had its plastic wrapper on the seats went for $80,000.

The entire take for the weekend is estimated to be $4.8 million.  Nice retirement package.  So you might want to hang on to your vintage Corvair a little while longer.


Let's get back to our vintage firetrucks now and get them checked out for today's action and I'll check on the coffee level in the pots.  See you back in the day room.

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