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F-1 Fiasco in Korea

You Don't Say!

Korean Track Not Ready For Prime-Time?

THE TRAVELING CIRCUS KNOWN AS FORMULA 1 racing added South Korea to the calendar back in 2010.  But this year's race held this weekend could well be the last one.

Although the modern, purpose-built track itself is very popular with the drivers, everything else associated with it has been a big bust.  First of all, the location is, shall we say, remote?  It makes Watkins Glen seem absolutely cosmopolitan.

Additionally, hardly anybody bothers to show up to watch the show.  The stands are so empty that somebody suggested that they fill them with cardboard cutouts to make it seem a little more realistic.  Not even the sponsors – and their millions of euros worth of tents, parties and promotions – are bothering anymore.

korean f1 a apCould the US$500 weekend ticket price be having
an effect on the attendance?  (AP photo)

But if Bernie Ecclestone was looking for a blame-game excuse to drop any future visits, he sure got one today (Sunday in Korea).  An incident on the track saw a car spin out and crash against a guard rail well away from the track and began burning.

The local fire official who was in charge of the public safety took it upon himself to dispatch the emergency fire jeep out to extinguish the blaze, but he never coordinated with the track officials and they had the bizarre sight of a service jeep on the circuit amidst the 200 mph racers zipping by.

Watch this video showing the fire laddies leading the pack and jockeying for postion (mind the 30-sec. commercial first …. sorry):


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