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Another Stolen Ambulance


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Crashed and Rolled

AN EMSA AMBULANCE IN OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, was stolen late Sunday night and taken on a brief joyride before it was crashed by the hopped-up teenager driving it.

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The ambulance crew had stopped at a convenience store around 11:45 pm Sunday to take a short break.  While one of the medics went inside to make a purchase, the other one stayed outside near the ambulance.  Following department policy, they left the motor running while they were there and a teenage boy immediately jumped into the cab and drove away.

KWTV-TV continues:

Somehow, the teenager managed to jump inside the ambulance and speed away before the medic in the parking lot could stop him. He drove onto Interstate 44, but soon lost control and hit a light pole. The ambulance rolled over, but no other vehicles were hit.

Police were able to track the stolen ambulance using the vehicle's GPS tracking device.

The traffic light and pole were knocked over and the ambulance was heavily damaged.  The youth was not immediately identified but was described by police as behaving as if high on drugs.  He was taken to the hospital for treatment and then transferred to the juvenile facility.


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