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Arson Suspect Rescued By Police


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Supermarket Ka-Boom in Australia

A SUSPICIOUS FIRE IN A SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, supermarket early Tuesday morning has left two people seriously burned, one of them suspected of setting the fire.

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Eight police officers arrived at the fully-involved market before the FD and made persistend and heroic attempts to rescue the two, which they succeeded.  Both victims were seriously burned and hospitalized.  One of them, the 37-yr.-old owner of the Afghan supermarket is a suspect after detectives saw him on a surveillance tape recorded the day before showing him carrying several jerry cans of gasoline from the gas station across the street into the market.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

The Daily Telegraph understands police have obtained footage from a pub next door to the Jomaa Market on Station Street that appears to show the man throwing the matches before the building and an adjoining residential block exploded.

Sniffer dogs that went through the scene yesterday afternoon reportedly detected traces of petrol.

The same man had earlier been seen removing equipment from the store yesterday. He had allegedly bought 10 litres of petrol from a BP service station across the road hours before the fire.

People in the area report that there was a large explosion around 4:15 am that blew out windows throughout the neighborhood and caused an immediate roof collapse over the market.

Ten people were injured in an adjoining apartment building that was heavily damaged.

The grocery was known for its being open every day of the year including Christmas and all other holidays, but it was inexplicably closed yesterday (Monday).

The Sydney Morning Herald has posted a video taken prior to the FD's arrival that shows the rescue efforts of the police.  Early in the video one of the victims tries to run through the flames:


The Daily Telegraph has also filed this video report:


Read the full acount in the Morning Herald HERE.
The Daily Telegraph has MORE.

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