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Family Wiped Out in Long Island House Blaze

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Mom Dies While Trying to Rescue Kids

A MOTHER IN SHIRLEY, LONG ISLAND NY, perished Friday night as she vainly tried to carry her three children out of their blazing home.  Neighbors described the fire as being very fast moving and quickly engulfing the single-story bungalow where Jennifer McCusker, 41, lived with her three children ages 7 and 2-yr.-old twins.  The father of the twins also resided there but was not home at the time.

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McCusker was apparently overcome by the smoke during her desperate rescue attempt and was found holding one of the twins in her arms.  The other toddler was still in its crib and the 7-yr.-old boy was found in another bedroom still in his bed.

When firefighters arrived they found the entire house fully ablaze and were unable to begin any rescue attempt.

The fire officials reported at a Saturday news conference that the fire started in the living room but the cause has not yet been determined.

WABC-TV includes a video in their report HERE.


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