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Flaming Beer Pong Ball Starts Dorm Room Blaze


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A BLOOMSBURG (Pennsylvania) UNIVERSITY STUDENT decided to apply cost-saving measures and repair a dented beer pong ball rather than replace it this past Friday.  The adventure in home economics took place in downtown Bloomsburg at the former Hotel McGee which is now off-campus housing for the university.

beerpong a bloomUtodayBFD Positions Outside the Arena  (BloomUtoday photo)

Interrupting a game of beer pong in a dorm room, the enterprising lad attempted to remove the dent by heating the ball with a cigarette lighter.  But instead of the dent popping out, the ball caught on fire causing one unlucky assistant to drop it on the floor where it then rolled under the bed.

The flaming beer pong accessory then set the bedding on fire as the smoke set off the building's fire alarm, sending the dispatch to the Bloomsburg Fire Department.

As the two roomies tried to lift the mattress and spray it with a fire extinguisher, the BFD arrived on scene where they found that none of the higher-education enrollees knew enough to evacuate a burning building and caused the firefighters to take time to get them out.

Other firefighters finished off the mattress fire with their own cans and then removed the bedding from the building.

The Associated Press is carrying the STORY.

Thanks to Mark D. for helping spread the story.

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