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Booze and Bumpy Will Do It Every Time

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THE FIRE CHIEF OF A SMALL BOROUGH in western Pennsylvania is in jeopardy of losing his job after he showed up on a fire scene while intoxicated last month.  The CBS TV station in Pittsburgh, KDKA-TV is reporting:

Port Vue Fire Chief Cash Cortazzo was ordered to stand summary trial on charges of public drunkenness stemming from his alleged actions during a Sept. 17 blaze near the borough's fire hall, according to the station.

Authorities say the 24-year-old fire chief in the community about 15 miles southeast of PIttsburgh was stumbling and incoherent. He was ordered to leave (by the police).


KDKA also reports that police obtained audio of Cortazzo interacting with dispatchers on the day of the incident in which he is slurring his words and sounds disoriented.

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WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN, FIRE CHIEF Jesse Alba remains in the news today.  He is the chief that was recently suspended with pay for committing adultery on the job.  (See the earlier Firegeezer video report HERE.)

Yesterday (Monday) the Waukesha Board of Police and Fire Commissioners voted 3-1 to demote Alba from the post of fire chief to firefighter.

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At a disciplinary hearing on September 12, the Commission heard that shortly after Alba's appointment he began pressuring a female part-time employee to resign because he had romantic feelings for her and it was distracting him from his duties.

Alba's response was that the two of them, both married, had a brief affair last year but decided to break it off because they were having a "tough time" working together. He added that he thought her leaving the job was "a reasonable solution."

WITI-TV has the details and a video report of yesterday's actions HERE.

Alba had just been promoted to the fire chief's position in May of this year.

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