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Morning Lineup – October 21

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Monday Morning – Do You Want It Foamed?

There's no question about it now…. air conditioning season is definitely finished in these parts.  No warm, balmy breezes blowing through anymore, not for another six months anyway.  We're flirting with frost here this morning and the forecast calls for more of the same in the coming days.  I'm all set though, I have my sweaters and flannel shirts right at the front of the line, all set to go into action.

On another topic, are you a Starbucks fan?  Do you like the wide variety of coffee-based treats for an afternoon break?

Let me ask you some other questions, then.  Are you tired of the ridiculously high prices for a tiny styrofoam cup of hot, flavored water?  Or the fluctuating quality of the blend that never seems to be the same the next time you order?  Maybe it's the disgusting smarminess of the 20-something twit who takes your order.

starbucks b

If any or most of those have already floated through your mind while you were waiting in line, there is some good news for you.  An outfit called Briggo has perfected a contained, self-serve kiosk that dispenses the perfect cup of designer coffee tailored to your own taste.  The little computer that runs the thing remembers each customer's previous orders and preferences, so you get the identical serving each time.  And you can order ahead of time with your smartphone (but who needs that if it's all automatic?)

A blog called explains in part:

Don’t think of it as the enemy of baristas, insists Kevin Nater, CEO of the company that has produced this technological marvel. Think of it as an instrument people can use to create their ideal coffee experience. Think of it as a cure for "out-of-home coffee drinkers"—Nater’s phrase—sick of an "inconsistent experience."

Think of it as the future. Think of it as empowerment. Your coffee, your way, flawlessly, every time, no judgments. Four pumps of sugar-free vanilla syrup in a 16 oz. half-caff soy latte? Here it is, delivered to you precisely when your smartphone app said it would arrive, hot and fresh and indistinguishable from the last one you ordered.

briggo a

In a common area at the University of Texas at Austin, the Briggo coffee kiosk, covered in fake wood paneling and a touch screen and not much else, takes up about as much space as a pair of phone booths. Its external appearance was designed by award-winning industrial designer Yves Behar, with the intention that it radiate authenticity and what Briggo says is its commitment to making coffee that is the equal of what comes out of any high-end coffee shop.

The kiosk at the university is the second version, the one that will be rolling out across the country in locations that are still secret. It needs just 50 square feet (4.6 sq m) of floor space, and it can be dropped anywhere—an airport, a hospital, a company campus, a cafe with tables and chairs and WiFi just like Starbucks. It’s manufactured in Austin.

And of course, with no live people behind the facade filling the orders, you won't be paying for somebody's outrageous health insurance premiums.  Read the entire article in Quartz HERE.

If they want to be successful, I hope they've planned to have a selection available for Bunn-quality brew.

We already have it here, so let's get started with the equipment check for today.  Monday – long check list, remember.  I'll get our self-serve Bunn-O-Matic cranked up, too.  See you back in the day room in a little bit.

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  • B.Morgan

    Well Geezer all this fancy coffee is expensive and not all that good for your waist or body with suger, chemical sweeteners, cream, etc, etc. and it's expensive no matter where you get it.  I like mine the old fashion way, perked or drip, even cowboy coffee if I'm out in the woods, range or mountains. As a frequent flyer I have found the Starbucks dark roast with a bit of sugar is about the best consistently in airports across the country. A good cup of coffee should be; Black as night, sweet as sin and strong as hell.

  • Andrew

    I know everything is bigger in Texas, but that machine is a whole helluva lot bigger than "a pair of phone booths." Judging by the size of the girl(?) standing there, that monster's about 11 feet wide and 7 feet high. The depth looks to be about 2 feet. William Conrad didn't need a phone booth that big.