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Another Stolen Ambulance

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An Angry Patient Who Couldn't Wait

AN IRRATIONAL MAN WHO HAD just arrived at the emergency room of a Houston, Texas, hospital quickly became irritated because the hospital staff seemed to be ignoring him and his "hurting head."  So he dashed back outside, hopped into the cab of a Houston Fire Department ambulance that had just brought a patient in and was still running, and drove off at speed with the lights and siren on at full tilt.

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Another ambulance crew that witnessed the getaway started following the miscreant along with some police cars for a short distance until the thief crashed heavily into a freeway overpass pillar, causing extensive damage to the ambulance.  The unidentified thief was not injured however.

The incident took place at 6:30 pm Central Monday evening and is still being investigated.  KHOU-TV had a video crew nearby and was able to file this timely report:


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