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Morning Lineup – October 26

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Saturday Morning – Guess Who's Back?

No need to guess, I'll tell you who's back.  It's those funny guys from the Effingwoods Volunteer Fire Department up in (the fictional town of) Effingwoods, New Hampshire.

You may recall that two years ago Dave Statter, publisher of STATter911, ran the video mini-series titled Hosed.  (You can review episode 1 HERE)  Those crazy guys are parlaying the popular VFD into a full-length movie called, appropriately, Hosed-The Movie and they are letting us, the fire/EMS fraternity, join in to help get the final production phase financed and onto the DVD's.  They are doing it through the Kickstarter program that allows you to donate whatever amount you want, large or small, to help out and in return you can get some goodies like T-shirts and Hosed memorabilia.

Let me have Dave tell you himself what's going on:

Juston McKinney is on the verge of giving us effing more. Today he launched the Kickstarter campaign to help fund Hosed The Movie. It’s a chance for you to participate. There are lot of things to be had from the production depending on your level of support. This includes appearances in the movie. Juston knows what I look like. That’s why he headed that idea off early and made me an associate producer (he’s just not sure who is actually willing to associate with me).


Juston is no stranger to public safety. But it’s on the cop side. He’s a former deputy sheriff in Maine. Please don’t hold that against him. In fact, that’s where he developed his admiration for firefighters (don’t all cops?). I will let him tell you that story in the days and weeks to come. Typical of comics, they make fun of the things they love. A lot of Juston’s comedy has been about his family, being a cop and growing up on the Maine-New Hampshire border. Now he takes on firefighting.

By supporting Hosed The Movie you can become a member of the department. In fact, consider the video above Effingwoods Fire & Rescue’s recruitment video. Except this recruitment drive was not funded with federal grant money (the grant application, like Hosed itself, was just laughed at). You can not only become a member, but you can be the chief without an election. There are patches and t-shirts to be had. Imagine that, you get to wear the t-shirt, but you don’t have get all dirty dealing with that fire stuff. What a novel idea.

As you will see, above the chief level is when you have the chance to be an extra or even have a speaking part in the movie. Again, my face for radio and voice for newspapers will likely keep me out of that.

……. Dave Statter

So click the link to the Kickstarter page HERE where you can read more about the budding production along with a list of Grande Prizes that accompany each level of contributions.  Be sure to watch the video, too.  Then pitch in a few GWs, or maybe even some Benjamins, and watch this baby come to life.

We need to come to life now and get this equipment checked out.  I'm going to pass the word along to the EVFD that they absolutely need a Bunn-O-Matic in a supporting role.  See you back in the day room.

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