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Chemical Plant Ka-Boom in Quebec

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Triggers Large Fire But Non-Toxic Smoke

AN EXPLOSION WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON rocked the Aldex Chemical factory in Granby, Quebec, and started a large fire.  The blast occurred just prior to 5 pm and ignited a large storage of polystyrene, one of the three main chemicals used in making the company's synthetic rubber products.

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Environmental testing of air samples on the scene detected no inhalation hazards and an evacuation of the area was deemed unnecessary.

"The fire has spread to about 90% of the plant," Granby's director of fire services Pierre Lacombe said at a press conference.  "From the beginning, our efforts were concentrated on the area where chemicals were stored. These are found in 10% of the plant that was spared from fire."

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The containment held and the chemicals were spared.  Some of the plant's 18 employees were in the building when the fire began, but all of them evacuated safely and were accounted for.  The FD expected the controlled fire to burn through to Thursday morning.

There is no suggestion yet on what caused the explosion.

Canadian Press has filed the STORY.

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