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Man Arrested After Accidentally Setting His Wife On Fire


You Don't Say!

Darwin Nominee Flicks His Bic While Pumping Gas

A HABERSHAM COUNTY, GEORGIA, MAN was arrested Friday and charged for an incident that occurred on October 16 at a Clarksville gas station.  Austin Dawkins, 37, was charged with reckless conduct for accidentally setting his wife Jessica, 30, alight while he was refueling his pickup truck.

dawkins a ga dept insuranceImage courtesy of Georgia Dept. of Insurance

The gas station's security camera shows that Jessica was standing nearby when Austin set the pump handle to "on" and then took a cigarette lighter and for an unknown reason spun the flint and ignitied the lighter that he was holding very close to the fuel tank fill pipe.

The lighter ignited the vapor cloud that in turn set Jessica's clothes on fire.  She took off runing a few steps before falling down and Austin apparently beat the flames out with his hands causing him to suffer some burns as a result.  His wife had 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns on her arms, legs, back and head.  She was flown to a burn unit but has since been released.

The Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commission issued the arrest warrant Friday charging Austin with "reckless conduct."

WRBL-TV shows the surveillance video in this report filed Saturday:



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  • Mr618

    "Y'all hol' mah beer an' watch this…"

    Followed shortly by…

    "Honeh, after we git this dee-vorce, y'all still gonna be mah sister?"

  • English please

    Can someone please translate whatever Mr618 was trying to say? I thought this was an english language site

  • hahahah

    English Please, 

    Yes, it's hard to understand idiot people from Georgia. He's just trying to convey that through satire. Here's a loose translation

    "Good madam, perchance you can hold onto my alcoholic beverage and ensure that it falls to no harm."

    Followed shortly by…

    "My dearest wife of mine, due to the extremely unfortunate circumstances that have just transpired I am certain our marriage has come to an end. My only fear is that you will no longer wish to be my incestuous sister going forward. Is this correct?"

  • B.Morgan

    Just watch this…

    He must of been sleeping during HS science class about its not the gasoline in a liquid that burns but the resulting vapors.

    He is a surefire canidate for the Darwin awards.

  • M

    People: panic in any situation is your worst enemy. Yes, what he did was stupid but then he pulled the nozzle from the tank and threw it in the direction that his wife was running. That resulted in her getting doused as well as the plastic bag that she was carrying catching fire. Considering all that he did wrong, if I was her family I would beat him with a bag of oranges.

  • Andrew


    Why, yes, kind sir, that was exactly what I was attempting to express. Having resided for a brief period of time (although, apparently, not brief enough) in Tennessee, I seem to have subconsciously adopted some of the linguistic nuances of those areas to the south of the fabled Mason-Dixon line.

    Since I have been fortunate enough to be able to return to the Northeast, I can now return to proper spoken English, of the kind used in our nation's largest, most vibrant city, the Big Apple, New York City:

    "Hey, @#$^&, get yer friggn' @#$% outa the way and get me a ^&*() beer!"

    Thank you again for your linguistic skills and succinct translation (and sense of humor).

  • Andrew

    By the way, Hahahah, you win the Internet for that.