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THE LID HAS JUST blown off a long-standing scandal in the Columbus, Ohio, Division of Fire involving chief officers and female firefighters at the department's own Peyton Place firehouse.

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A lengthy investigation that drew in 85 witnesses exposed the naughtiness as having been going on for years.  One batt. chief was demoted last week and it looks like more actions are about to happen.

The Columbus Dispatch spills the beans HERE.

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A CRAWFORD COUNTY, GEORGIA, FIREFIGHTER was arrested Friday and charged with stealing fuel from one of his department's firetrucks.  The sheriff has charged him with two counts of burglary first degree and two counts of theft by taking government property.

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WMAZ-TV tells us:

Crawford fire Chief Randall Pate met with Sheriff Lewis Walker and investigators at the beginning of this month telling them someone was stealing gas [sic] from his fire truck.

After an investigation, Quatavin Yamond Harris, 23, of Roberta, a Station 7 firefighter, was arrested, according to a Crawford County sheriff's news release.

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It was back in July when the runaway string of train oil cars rolled four miles into the city of Lac Megantic, Quebec, where they derailed, detonated and burned out the entire downtown consuming 40 buildings.  (Refresh your memory with the Firegeezer reports HERE and HERE.)

This past Tuesday the city of Hamilton, Ontario, held a public presentation where they donated a reserve ladder truck to the Lac Megantic Fire Department.  While the donated truck is a 1993 model, the one that the city lost was a 1976 aerial.

Metroland News was at the ceremony and documented the emotional ceremony in this VIDEO REPORT.

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Thanks to Gnome Handler and Mark Donovan for assistance with this posting.

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  • ukfbbuff

    Gee the "Chicken" replaced the " Fish" and 'Horses Head'" as in "The Godfather" Movie

    Seriously, at a time when the Political atmosphere around the Country and closer in Ohio is looking at Public Empoyees as a part of the country's "Econmic" Problems due to Unions, Wages, Working conditions and Pensions,

    these "Boso's' can't look farther than their own noses and go on doing what they did wthout any thought about the appearance of this improperity and how others would be affected.

    Never mind that previous, similiar scandals such as this one in other parts of the Country was a "Thumb in the Eye" to the Fire Service as well.

    Now you'll have radio "Talking Heads" picking up on this and people outside of Columbus will be led down the road that such doings occur in their local fire station, whether in California, Wisconsin, Florida and so on.

    2-Step Demotions for all.