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Tragic Week in Germany With 4 LODDs

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In a Span of Only 3 Days

GERMANY'S FEUERWEHR COMMUNITY is mourning the loss of four firefighters in recent days, one in a highway accident, another from a heart attack on the fireground, and two others in a river rescue training event that sent two others to the hospital.

On November 21 an apartment fire started by a woodstove called for the fire brigades from Lambrecht, Frankeneck, Neidenfels and Lindenberg to respond. The fire was knocked down quickly, but the occupant had to be hospitalized for smoke poisoning.

During the initial dispatch a volunteer with the Lambrecht FB had an auto accident while on his way to the firehouse. Because of the fire call that had already been dispatched, the nearest ambulance was a long time arriving and was unable to revive the unidentified young man. No information was given on his identity, age, etc.

Metropol News has the STORY.

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On Tuesday November 20, a large fire consumed two large farm buildings in  Oberumelsdorf, Bavaria, causing about 800,000 euros damages.  More damaging was the loss of the fire brigades well-liked commander, Johann Datzmann, 56, who suffered a cardiac arrest on the fireground.  He was revived on the scene, but unfortunately passed away later at the hospital.

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Herr Datzmann had served in the fire brigade for 40 years, the last 25 as Commander.  He was highly respected and loved by the entire community.

Mittelbayerische has the STORY.

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A FEUERWEHR TECHNICAL RESCUE TEAM (THW) in Magdeburg were conducting a water rescue drill in the River Elbe yesterday (Saturday) when one of the boats capsized trapping two of the FFs inside the upturned hull.  The two, both women, were soon rescued and revived, but died later at the hospital.

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Two others were able to self-extricate and made it to shore on their own, but were also hospitalized for exposure in the 5º C. (40º F.) water.  They were later released. has more details HERE.


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