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35 Injured in Multi-Vehicle Crash Near Boston

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65 Vehicles Go Ice Skating

SCORES OF CARS AND TRUCKS became ensnared on a patch of black ice Sunday morning in Worcester, Massachusetts, and created a massive pileup of at least 65 vehicles.

The sudden icing occurred on I-290 on an overpass catching all drivers by surprise.  The chain-reaction crash started around 6:40 am as the wet road instantly froze over.  The continuing crash was witnessed by several state troopers who were already in the area and three of their cruisers were also struck.


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The State Police spokesman said that the crashed cars were scattered along 1,500 feet of roadway and several of them appeared to be totaled.  “To navigate the scene, you had to walk over cars and duck beneath trucks,” he said.

Altogether about 35 people were transported to local hospitals, but none have been reported as being seriously injured.

The Worcester Telegram & Gazette has the details:

The T&G also filed this video report:


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  • Mr618

    That's roughly the same neighborhood as the Worcester Cold Storage fire back in 1999… bad luck stretch of road. Plus, of course, drivers FLY through there, regardless of road conditions (which are iffy, at best, due to age and wear and tear)