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First Med is Fully Shut Down

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Over 2,000 Employees Missing a Paycheck

THERE STILL HAS NOT BEEN any official notice or announcement from the company, but it is now safe to say that FirstMed EMS has shut down and left the business.  There are reports from every region where they operated that the facilities were all locked without prior notice leaving more than 2,000 employees stranded and without a job.

(See the Firegeeze report from Sunday: )

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One dispatcher in North Carolina reported that he had gone to the office to retrieve his personal items but was unable to get in.  The door entry codes had all been changed, power cut off and nobody inside.

FirstMed has operations in six states, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Kentucky.  The lockouts began Friday afternoon while some people were still on duty and handling calls.  There was word-of-mouth notice that they had filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which is immediate closure and liquidation, but no official information from the company itself.

In most cases, they still have not officially notified their employees nor most of their local supervisors.  They have shut down, turned out the lights, and fled under cover of night.

They operated both transport services and some emergency EMS services in a few cities under the names of FirstMed, TransMed, Life Ambulance and MedCorp.

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