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At Least Give Them A Name

NEW YORK IS A BIG CITY, and it's difficult to keep everybody's name handy.  Especially if you're running a billing service for the FDNY EMS Agency.

This little problem began on November 1 when an ambulance was sent to treat an overdose-type of incident and could not determine that patient's name.  But all those little blocks on the computer form marked with a * have to be filled out, so when it came to first name, they entered "unknown."  An honest answer.  For the last name they inserted an identifying feature in hopes, probably, of making is possible to eventually identify who they carried from the school dormitory.  So for the last name they entered "Asian."  Sounds practical to me.


But… this is an era of self-pity and easily offended "victims."  So instead of admiring the innovativeness of the EMT, the tender residents were ….. well, you know.

The New York Post gets into the details: .

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