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Batt. Chief Goes Bonkers, Sets Own House On Fire

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Was Already On Leave For Previous Incident

A HOBART (Indiana) FIRE DEPARTMENT Battalion Chief was seriously burned Tuesday morning after he drove his car into the side of his house where it caught fire.

John Wall, 48, was already on admin. leave since November 25 following his arrest on charges that he physically assaulted his wife and threatened her with a firearm.  His wife then had a court order issued preventing him from going back to the house.

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Tuesday morning, according to the police report, Mrs. Wall called the police and said that he had broken into the house and assaulted her again.  She was able to convince him to leave the house before their children woke up.  The NWI Times continues:

While police were inside the home investigating the alleged attack, which included punching and choking, Wall returned to the home and drove his van into the rear of the home, LaFlower said.

(Sheriff's Sgt. Larry) LaFlower said the van burst into flames, catching the house on fire. The officers confronted Wall and he stated, "Just shoot me!" He got back into the burning van, LaFlower said, and the officers pulled him from the vehicle and extinguished flames on his body.

LaFlower said Wall suffered serious burns.

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The details for both incidents are reviewed in the article in NWI Times: .

The Hobart Fire Department has been without a fire chief since July 1 following the retirement of their current chief.  The city council is holding off on hiring a new chief until after a review of the department is done by an outside consultant. 

During the interim these past six months the battalion chiefs have been rotating through the responsibilities of the office on their duty days.

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