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Fire At The Chief’s House

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Children Can Be Stubborn

KNIGHTDALE, NORTH CAROLINA, FIRE CHIEF Tim Guffey does not like candles.  He says so and preaches it at fire safety talks.  Open flames in the house are not good practice.

His 23-yr.-old daughter is a college student who likes candles and apparently doesn't put all her faith in dear ol' Dad.  So despite his warnings, she continued to burn candles in her upstairs bedroom at the family home.

Friday afternoon the Guffey's 19-yr.-old son came home and heard the smoke  detector sounding, so he called for help and made sure that eveybody, including the dog, were safely out of the house before the first-due engine arrived and found a small fire in the daughter's bedroom. 

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The Eastern Wake News continues:

Guffey said there was about $40,000 in smoke and heat damage, mostly isolated on the second floor of the home. The family was able to stay in the home, because the first floor was mostly unaffected.

Early investigation by the Wake County Fire Marshal and the city of Raleigh’s fire investigators show the fire might have started near a candle, although they are still working to determine an official cause, Guffey said.

Guffey’s daughter, who is a 23-year-old college student, told her dad she blew a candle out before she left the house.

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