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Another Stolen Ambulance

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No Ride … Out of Cigs …
What're Ya' Gonna Do?


A HICKORY, NORTH CAROLINA, woman, Norma Jean James, 51, needed a ride home Saturday morning.  As luck would have it, she found an unsecured ambulance parked in the loading bay of the Frye Regional Medical Center.

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Norma Jean

So she hopped in and drove away.  Meanwhile the EMT came out to get in his ambulance but it was gone.  Police were notified. The Hickory Record continues ( ):

Shortly after that, the suspect got out of an ambulance near 121 Fifth Ave. NE, Hickory Police spokeswoman Aleia Burwell said. The suspect asked a man for a cigarette, told him she stole the ambulance and asked for directions to Gastonia, Burwell said. While the man called the cops, Burwell said the woman got back in the ambulance and drove away.

The ambulance was spotted by an officer at the intersection of First Avenue SE and N.C. 127 about 10 minutes after the ambulance was reportedly stolen.  She was charged with theft of motor vehicle, speeding to elude arrest, driving with license revoked and failure to stop.

She's still in the clink under a secured $15,000 bond.

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