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Morning Lineup – December 27

Morning Lineup a

Friday – More Shopping Awaits

Now the countdown to the new year is underway.  If my fingers are to be believed, then it is just five days until we have to re-learn how to write out a check.  Personally, I will be glad to see another year arrive and help with a fresh look at things and a new phase of life getting underway.

Speaking of fresh looks, the techni-geeks have been working on a fresh look for the pages and we'll be seeing that arrive soon, too.  More about that later, though.

A hot topic right now is (still) shopping.  We've recently gone from Black Friday, through Cyber Monday and all the way up to Exchange Day.  But wait, there's more…. We've got the post-Christmas sales looming before the holiday breaks end, capping off with the January White Sales.  But one poor shlub in China folded under the pressure of extreme shopping and invoked the final solution.  The niche news site called Drama Fever reported:

A man died after jumping off the seventh floor of a shopping mall in the city of Xuzhou in Jiangsu, China, on December 7th. The 38-year old man had been shopping with his girlfriend. After five hours, he wanted to go home but his girlfriend wanted to continue shopping. A heated argument soon took place as later confirmed by security videos. 

According to nearby shoppers, the following dialog took place: 

He said, "You have enough shoes to wear for the rest of your lifetime. Why do you want to go to another shoe store?" 

She said, "You penny-pincher! You've ruined the Christmas spirit!" 

He got very angry, threw down all the many shopping bags he was carrying, turned around, and jumped over the rail and fell all the way from the seventh floor of the huge shopping mall. People on the first floor heard a thump and found him bleeding, lying near the Christmas decorations. He was dead.

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Don't let "shopping stress" get to you.  We've got a great year ahead and I don't want you to miss it.

So let's get ready by getting this equipment checked out for today and I'll get the Bunn-O-Matic started doing its job.  See you back in the digital day room.

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