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Fatal Ambulance Crash in Massachusetts – UPDATE Crash Video Added

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Vehicle Rollover Kills Patient

Update:  Crash captured on surveillance video.  Scroll down.

A COMMUNITY EMERGENCY MEDICAL Services ambulance was involved in a rollover crash that killed the patient they were carrying in Milford, Massachusetts, Tuesday morning.

Boston Herald Media

Milford Police Dept. photo

The accident took place around 11:30 am and also injured the paramedic that was driving the ambulance.  The investigation is still ongoing, but Milford police say that the ambulance first collided with another vehicle, then rolled completely over, landing on its wheels straddling a guard rail.

The Boston Herald is reporting:

Police did not release the woman’s name or age but said the ambulance was taking her from a dialysis appointment back to Milford Regional Medical Center on Route 140 when a sedan ran a stop sign at Green Street and hit the ambulance’s rear quarter panel. The ambulance’s lights and sirens were not activated.

“What took place is pretty much the pit move you see in car chases. It’s on TV all the time,” Milford police chief Thomas O’Loughlin said. “It causes those rear wheels to go into a slide. In this case, it did just that. The ambulance went into a slide, struck the curbing and went into a rollover. It came back upright but on top of a guardrail.”

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The sedan driver and a paramedic riding in the back of the ambulance also were hospitalized in the 11:12 a.m. crash, O’Loughlin said. He did not know their conditions but said the sedan driver, a woman, was talking to paramedics and that the air bag in her car deployed, suggesting it struck the ambulance with great force.

The crash was captured on a surveillance camera mounted outside a pizza shop across the street.  The tape clearly shows the car coming through the stop sign and sending the ambulance into a spin.

WHDH-TV includes the tape in this later video report:

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

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