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Jeepster Goes For The Darwin By Proving Driving and Firecrackers Don’t Mix

You Don't Say!

Blows His Hand Off, But Lives

A SPOKANE, WASHINGTON, MAN WILL FOREVER write with his right hand after blowing his left hand to smithereens while driving his Jeep at 1 am Saturday morning.

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A North Spokane neighborhood was jarred awake when a mighty ka-boom went off inside the Jeep as it cruised the streets.  The unidentified man in his late 20’s – early 30’s crashed his vehicle into a wooden fence following the blast.  The Associated Press reports:

Witnesses saw a flash of light from inside the vehicle, a red Jeep with a gray top, as it drove down a residential street in north Spokane, police said.

Donald Wilkes, 61, said the blast rattled his house and woke up everyone inside. He initially thought someone had crashed into his parked truck, and when he ran outside he found the street filled with smoke and the Jeep stopped just against his 6-foot-tall cedar fence.

“I looked around for something that got hit, but there was nothing,” Wilkes said. “My son reached in to pull the keys out of the ignition and make sure he didn’t go anywhere, and that’s when we saw his hand was missing. It blew it right off at his wrist – they found part of it half a block away.”

Wilkes’ son, 30-year-old Nicholas, and another neighbor applied a tourniquet to the man’s left arm. The man was stocky, estimated at about 28 to 30 years old, and coherent. But he wouldn’t answer questions about what he had been doing, Wilkes said.

“All he did was look at my son and say, ‘Oh God, oh God.’ He looked like he was going to pass out,” Wilkes said. “My main concern was why he was driving around my neighborhood at 1 in the morning with an explosive device.”

The driver discovered his weight loss when he attempted to open the driver’s side door and couldn’t.  The blast broke the windows, knocked the dashboard off its mounts, and splattered blood throughout the passenger compartment.

KHQ-TV filed this video report:

Spokane, North Idaho News

Initially there were concerns that he might have more than one device in the Jeep, but the SPD bomb squad swept the car and found no more explosives.

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It was later determined that the ka-boom was caused by a super-firecracker known as an M-1000 sold with the slogan “maximum blast – super loud.”  The ATF is also assigned to the incident.

Fortunately for the driver, one can only be nominated for the Darwin Award if they die during the attempt.


Hat tip:  Ron Y.

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