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LODD X 9 in Argentina

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Wall Collapse

NINE FIREFIGHTERS PERISHED Wednesday morning and possibly two more are missing after a wall collapsed on them at a warehouse fire in Barracas, Argentina.

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The fire was raging through a private archives security storage building and the fire brigade was attempting to break through a security door in an outside wall when it suddenly collapsed on them.

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A few minutes later, as colleagues were beginning to dig through the rubble in search of their comrades, a second wall dropped, compounding the problem and injuring more rescuers.

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As many as 15 other firefighters have been hospitalized, some in critical condition.

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The fire is contained and under control, but access to the interior is not possible yet.

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The facility belongs to Iron Mountain, an American company that does business in many countries providing secure paper and digital content storage of other companies’ business archives.

Infobae tv network has more details and photo gallery HERE.

Hat tip: Sergio Selman. 

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