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Protesting The Bare Facts of Hours

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More Hours plus More Personal Costs

THE FIREFIGHTERS ISERE, FRANCE, Fire District 38 know how to get the attention of their administration.  This past Wednesday about 100 of them gathered in front of the SDIS 38 offices and performed a group striptease, casting off their uniforms as a means of getting attention to their complaint.

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They have been protesting since November about having their workload increased from 30 hrs. weekly to 32 hours.  In addition they have had their hazardous occupation bonus taken away from them along with holiday pay and some overtime pay.

On top of that, the government wants the firefighters to pay for the maintenance of their uniforms and running gear.  It was this item that encouraged the strip show this week illustrating the outlandish demand by the administration.  “We did a demonstration to show that our employer had a duty to maintain personal protective equipment,” says Thierry Granger of the Inter CGT Independent Union SDIS 38.

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Negotiations have been ongoing recently, but the uniform item has been ignored by the agency heads.

Place Gre’net has the STORY.

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