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“Moving Out So That Others Can Move Up …”

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THE ROYALTON TOWNSHIP, OHIO, TRUSTEES agreed to accept John Arquette’s decision to resign as fire chief of the Lyons Royalton Fire Department.  The action was taken following an executive session of the board where they discussed his personal behavior away from the job. tells us:

Trustee Ron Lumbrezer said he was informed almost two weeks ago of circumstances in Arquette’s personal life the trustees then deemed inappropriate. “We dealt with it from there,” he said. Arquette did not act inappropriately in his position as fire chief.

Lumbrezer acknowledged that Arquette’s behavior likely would have led to his termination as fire chief had he not first resigned. He said because the circumstances were discussed in executive session they will not be publicly disclosed.

“He was a great chief, and it’s unfortunate that it’s ended,” Lumbrezer said. He declined to comment further.

Arquette also would not disclose why he resigned, but said, “The situation I got into – it was better off for me to resign. I made a mistake, and I owned up to my mistake.” He said he feared his actions would tarnish the reputation of the fire department, “so they asked me for my resignation, and I gladly gave it to him. [sic]” Arquette said he resigned “rather than drag the fire department through the mud. I did not want to drag the department down.”

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THE LYNN, ALABAMA, CITY COUNCIL dismissed their volunteer fire chief this week, a move that led all the other members of the department to walk off the job in protest.

Former Chief Rickey Rodgers didn’t do anything wrong, illegal or inappropriate.  The council admits that they just flat out don’t like the guy.

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WIAT-TV reports:

The firefighters gave the council an ultimatum: let Rodgers stay in the department without the title or they would all leave.

The council said no. They don’t want Rodgers back on any terms yet. Mayor Jeff Stokes says it would be too confusing to have the former chief there when his replacement David Harris takes over. Stokes says new volunteers are stepping up, and he hopes the former volunteers change their mind and come back.

Left unsaid was whether these mystery volunteers have an iota of training or certification.

WIAT-TV sums it all up in this video report:

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