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Crystal Ball Starts House Fire

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It Was Only a Matter of Time ….

IT WAS NOT A QUESTION OF “IF” but how many centuries until a crystal ball would fail its seer and start a house fire while the owner was asleep.

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Daniel Hyde-Jones Didn’t See This One Coming
(Romford Recorder)

This happened last Saturday afternoon in the London, England, suburb of Romford around 3:30 pm.  A prognosticator-in-training was taking an afternoon nap when the sun’s ray beamed through the man’s crystal ball at just the right angle to set some curtains on fire.  From then on it was just a matter of moments before the entire living room was on fire.

The home’s smoke alarm awoke the sleeping psychic and, apparently forgetting his magic powder, he attempted to beat out the flames with a towel while his wife called out the London Fire Brigade.

They arrived promptly and knocked down the flames before they spread to the rest of the house.

The Daily Mail has the STORY.

Hat tip goes to Mark D.

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