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Massive Apartment Fire in Detroit Deemed Arson

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Some Residents Still Unaccounted For

A FAST-MOVING FIRE THAT COMPLETELY burned out a 3-story apartment building in Detroit, Michigan, Wednesday morning is being considered an arson.

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The fire that began around 6 am trapped many residents in the upper floors forcing them to jump from windows and balconies to save their lives.

During the investigation into the cause of the fire Thursday, the fire marshals found evidence of an accelerant having been used and then determined it to be a crime scene/arson.

WXYZ-TV has some good fire footage in this early video report:

Excavators have been working Thursday and Friday removing the roof timbers and other debris in a careful search for any possible victims who might be buried in the building.  While the authorities believe that there probably isn’t anybody in the debris, there still are a few residents that haven’t been located yet.

More videos and details from WXYZ-TV HERE.

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