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Fire In The Firehouse

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Some Trucks Were Saved

FIRE BROKE OUT LATE WEDNESDAY NIGHT in the Saint-Savin, France, fire station.  The eight firefighters on duty were awakened at 11 pm when they heard the pressure relief valves of air bottles blowing off.

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Sud Ouest

They called for help and then managed to get four of the firetrucks out of the station.  Using the deck gun on one of them, they managed to contain the fire until assistance arrived from other stations.

Four other vehicles were damaged or destroyed, however.  It is not yet known what started the fire, but working all day Thursday the firefighters were able to restore electric service to the opposite end of the firehouse and the company was back in service to the community by afternoon.

Sud Ouest Tv filed this raw video that shows the damage:

Sud Ouest also published the story HERE.

There were no reported injuries.

Saint Savin is not far from Bordeaux in the south west of France.

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