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Rocketing Gas Cylinder Creates Near-Miss For Driver

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Dozing Man Escapes Death by Inches

JOSE CASTILLO, 61, WAS PARKED in front of his workplace in San Leandro, California, around 7:15 Friday morning.  He had arrived early for work and was taking a little doze in the driver’s seat of his brand-new Honda Civic.  When his cellphone alarm went off and awakened him, he leaned forward to shut it off and at that moment the lower half of a propane tank came hurtling through the rear window and smashed into the dashboard, ripping open the roof and destroying the vehicle.

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CBS / Tim Ryan

Preliminary investigation showed that the tank was launched from a metal recycling plant about a quarter-mile away.  It is believed that the cylinder was punctured by a piece of machinery or a tractor that was moving piles of scrap metal.  Castillo was more than just fortunate as the projectile only grazed his shoulder after he happened to move aside.

KNTV-TV posted this video report with an interview of the victim:

The Contra Costa Times has the details HERE.

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