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Fire Company Boots President Over Pepsi Machine Beer Battle

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Turmoil In the Name of Tradition

THE MANVILLE (New Jersey) FIRE COMPANY #1 is undergoing a tug of war between the oldtimers and the modernists over their practice of filling the Pepsi dispensing machine with beer.

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The immediate-past president has gone public claiming that he was “forced” to resign from his office because of his reformist policies that conflicted with the older members desire to drink beer in the social room and still ride the firetrucks. is reporting:

Fire company members were scheduled to vote Tuesday night on ousting Jason Zangara, he said Wednesday. Instead, he tendered his resignation ahead of the vote, he said.

“It would have been on the record for the rest of my life that I was kicked out of the fire company,” he said.

Zangara was elected president of the fire company Jan. 1, and said his “first action of duty” was to remove beer from a Pepsi machine at the firehouse. Zangara said he’s personally witnessed firefighters drinking on shift — including one he says drove a fire truck to a community event after drinking last year.

He said it’s common for longtime and official lifetime members of the fire company to drink beer at the firehouse — treating it more as a social gathering place than as an emergency service.

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Jason Zangara (LinkedIn)

While his action was sustained, their disgruntled vice-president took it upon himself to purchase beer personally and place it in the firehouse refrigerator with a sign saying “compliments of Bob Kaminski.”  This following a board meeting with the police and state alcohol board representatives.

The in-house controversy then erupted with Zangara’s counsel advising him to go public with the dispute and that led to this article that you are encouraged to READ HERE.

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