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Truck Plows Into Fire Engine at Accident Scene

A FIREFIGTHER WAS KILLED AND A CIVILIAN truck driver perished also when the trucker drove into a firetruck parked at an accident scene.  A second firefighter was also injured in the crash that occurred in Nurnberger district, Germany, Tuesday afternoon.

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The members of the Schnaittach fire brigade were working a vehicle accident when the truck smashed into the rear of their specialized truck at speed, spnning the firetruck around 180 deg. and tearing off the driver’s side of the commercial truck’s cab killing the driver.  The careening truck also hit the firetruck driver and another FF who were standing beside the road, killing the driver immediately and causing critical injuries to the other firefitghter.

None of the eight other FFs on the scene were injured but were treated on  scene for shock.

This video report was provided by Agentur News 5:

Nord Bayern has a 25-image photo gallery HERE.
Nord Bayern has STORY.

Schnaittach fire brigade  WEBSITE.

Hat tip to Christian Lewalter for assistance and Mr. M for update.

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