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Morning Lineup – April 23

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Wednesday – Choo Choo Update

In yesterday’s Lineup we talked about the Wabash RR locomotive that showed up on a Norfolk Southern consist.  I have since learned that it wasn’t really a relic-of-the-rails after all, but I like the explanation even better than my supposition.

Our chief mechanic, “Engineer Sam” Yardumian sent along this interesting update addressing the unusual loco:

That Wabash locomotive that you saw is actually quite new.  A couple of years ago, Norfolk Southern received a large order of locomotives. About 16 or so of them (I forget the exact number) are part of their “Heritage Fleet.”  They were painted, one each in livery of railroads that were absorb, in whole or in part, by NS.

If you poke around online you may be able to find pictures of all of them.  Some were painted by the loco builder but most were done by the NS (ex-PRR) shop in Altoona, Pa.  Last year they routed all of them to Spencer, N.C. to show them all off at the N.C. railroad museum.  Trains magazine and other publications ran pictures of them all together at a roundhouse.

Thanks, Sam!  I did run a search on the Google Image Search engine (HERE) and learned that there were 20 units painted in the Heritage colors.

heritage fleet b

Click on the link to view individual pics of each unit.

P.S.:  That also explains this train that I saw last month …. classic passenger train with loco’s painted in Southern Railway scheme and classic Norfolk & Western cars in their maroon color.  Apparently it is a charter train because it is labeled the Office Car Special.

heritage fleet d

That’s really cool!  Now let’s keep our cool and get our own classic equipment checked out for today.  I run another pot through the vintage Bunn-O-Matic.  See you back in the waiting day room.

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