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Aerial Rollover in North Carolina

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Charlotte Ladder 32 On Roof

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, LADDER 32 rolled over while taking a turn this morning (Thursday) leaving four firefighters with unspecified, but not serious, injuries.

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According to the CFD, the truck was responding to a medical call at 8:20 am when the accident occurred.  Skid marks on the road (seen in helicopter footage) indicate that it may have struck the curb during the turn, but the investigation will take more than one day to reveal the cause of the wreck.

After the truck rolled down the embankment, a fire broke out in the undercarriage beneath the cab.  It was quickly extinguished by a responding engine that arrived moments later.

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There is no other information available until the investigation is completed.

WSOC-TV provided this raw video taken from their news helicopter:

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  • B.Morgan

    I hope for a speedy recovery of the fire-fighters injured. The truck does not look good. Well the skid marks tell what might of happened, but that’s best left to the experts to decide.

    • firegeezer

      Agreed. Something initiated the skid in the first place. One of the aerial views in the tv photo gallery shows them beginning long before entering the intersection. I was referring to what appears to be the cause for the rollover itself.