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Firefighter Arrested After Shooting At Man Who Refused To Have Sex With Her

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“Things Started Getting Weird …. “

A POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA, FEMALE FIREFIGHTER was arrested last weekend following a night of drinking that ended with her shooting at a man who had taken her home because she was too drunk to drive.

Janeen McKenzie, 46, is a firefighter with Pompano Beach Fire-Rescue and is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for an incident that took place when the man Anthony Santos, 35, refused to have “kinky sex” with her.

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According to the arrest affidavit filed by the police officer, Santos related:

He met McKenzie at a bar and drove her home, where she invited him inside. Santos said she poured a glass of wine and continued to drink before they started to kiss and she showed him her bedroom.

Santos, 35, said she insisted that he drink some wine, so he took a sip and placed the glass down. After a few minutes in the bedroom, they walked back to the hallway, where McKenzie pressed her body against his, kissed and hugged him. He said McKenzie pulled him closer, grabbed his hands and placed them around her neck while making a facial gesture Suggesting that she achieved pleasure from being choked during romantic encounters.

That’s when Santos pulled his hands away and began to leave because “things were getting weird,” he told deputies.

Santos said McKenzie walked to the kitchen and poured a second glass of wine, so he moved her hand away and told her she had enough. Santos said McKenzie’s attitude changed at that point, and she asked him to look inside the drawer of a nightstand in the dining room. He saw a pistol, shut the drawer and continued to leave.

Moments later, Santos said, McKenzie had the gun in her hand and was pointing it at him. Santos said she fired a shot that came close to his face as he was just outside the front door.

McKenzie ordered him to the ground several times, but Santos refused, so she fired at him twice more, with both bullets striking the asphalt, Santos told deputies.

It was later learned that he had been struck by bullet fragments causing some bleeding that needed treatment.

An off-duty deputy who had heard the dispatch and was nearby, responded to the scene and encountered McKenzie with the gun still in her hand.  After several commands to put the gun down, she finally relented and was taken into custody.

She has been on the Fire-Rescue department for 21 years.

WSVN-TV has the story and a video report HERE.

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